Commodity Trading Seminars and New Clients

Learn More About Our Unique Commodity Trading Systems and Technology

VBI Company would like to invite you to one of our introductory seminars where potential clients can invest an hour or two to become familiar with the VBI Company commodity trading system and technology.

VBI Company staff will provide motivated clients with FREE training in small groups settings to ensure you understand the best investment strategies.

After the informative seminars, VBI Company will be taking a small number of those attendees and getting them started on the practice phone application free of charge. Since VBI Company provides critical, hands-on training and personalized services, we like to limit the number of attendees to a modest total. This is especially true for new clients as they get comfortable with all the new technology and strategies that VBI Company has to offer.

VBI Company Training Ensures You're Armed With The Latest Information!

All of the interested clients that are unable to attend the first training session will be placed on a waiting list. Before taking on new customers, we like to ensure that all clients receive the best hands-on training possible! Most of our seminars are held at our VBI Company headquarters in Sioux Falls. Space for these seminars will be limited but free to all of those interested individuals who attend.

QST Mobile Trading Application

The QST Mobile Trading Application for iPhone and Android allow our clients to have access to their trades and accounts in real time which is imperative to success in today’s ever-changing markets. This application is free to most active VBI clients. The phone app examples shown are for demonstration purposes only