The VBI Company Advantage

Learn To Trade Safely With Our Mobile Application

VBI Company’s designation as an Independent Introducing Broker (IIB) can be a significant advantage for their clients. This designation allows VBI Company to have trade clearing agreements with multiple FCM’s (Futures Commission Merchants) such as Straits Financial and RJ O’Brien. VBI clients can thus have access to a variety of trading platforms, products and other services offered by the different FCM’s that best suit their needs.

QST Mobile Trading Application

The QST Mobile Trading Application for iPhone and Android allow our clients to have access to their trades and accounts in real time which is imperative to success in today’s ever-changing markets. This application is free to most active VBI Company clients. The phone app examples shown are for demonstration purposes only.

VBI Company clients can have access to an application on their phone (Android and iPhone compatible) that allows them to trade their accounts live on the go at the push of a button. This application also has a “Practice” mode in which customers can place real orders with real data using practice money at zero cost. The “Practice” mode on the app is identical to what the live application would be outside the fact there are no real dollar consequences. This ensures the client will be comfortable with the platform and prevent future mistakes. It also gives new traders a live look as to what risk commodities can pose and can get a real sense of the speed at which certain markets move.

Please be aware that there are fees and commissions that apply to trading that will not appear on the practice application. The practice application is still 100% free, but this may mislead consumers in thinking that trades are placed without any fees or commissions in real time which is not the case. However, VBI Company will ensure the client is aware of what these fees will be upfront before signing up, make sure that they understand exactly what fees will be charged for each individual trade, and that they will be sent updated equity runs/account summaries on a day to day basis once they begin live money.

VBI Company recommends that clients begin on the “Practice” setting as it is a great starting tool to begin learning the mechanics and start implementing the strategies used by VBI Company at zero-risk to themselves.

VBI Company Provides On-Going Support

VBI Company clients receive a daily spreadsheet that is used to analyze the market trends and give potential target entry points.  Clients also receive an invitation to a conference call every morning in which VBI will go over the market trends and give traders advice and insights into the upcoming day in the markets. During these conference calls VBI is able to show clients the charts and indicators used by VBI on their own personal devices via screen sharing technology as well as offering live analysis on real-time charts.

The VBI Company Stock and Trading Software PlatformVBI Company periodically sends out texts/charts via mobile phone so clients can be updated on important information no matter where they are. In today’s extremely volatile markets, this can be critical as communicating in real time and having access to their accounts on their smartphones allows VBI client’s to not only discover market changing news as it is happening, but also be able to react to the news at the touch of a button.